English II


At the most basic level, the big idea of the sophomore year is to articulate and synthesize ideas that we may or may not personally agree with.  This critical thinking skill is at the root of every unit that we will cover this year.

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Seeing the world from multiple perspectives

The ability to think critically really begins to flourish when the brain reaches about 14 years old.  Before that, it has a difficult time holding on to separate ideas at the same time.


12 Angry Men Packet Assignments

You’ll be handing this packet of assignments in with your final paper

1. Characterisitcs of a Juror.pages

  1. 2.Juror Track Sheet.pages (movie notes)

  2. 3.2 Quote Sandwiches assignment

  3. 4. First Draft

  4. 5.Revision Checklist

  5. 6.Final Draft

Useful Electronic Resources:

12 Angry Men script.pdf Play version from class

Electronic Script for 12 Angry Men- film version

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Try the tracking log